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Connecting Locals and giving voice to business, farmers and individuals in harmony with local values.


About Us



Locals Supporting Locals



We are a like-minded group of people who believe in supporting local, organic and

natural farms and vineyards, along with our many locally-owned restaurants

and stores. "Local" means more than where we live or how long we've lived here.


It is about how we support each other to individually and collectively thrive in our

community. Small local farmers and businesses, who are also our friends

and neighbors, give life to our communities. Increasingly, they are in danger of being

swallowed up by big corporate box stores and industrialized farming. A number of studies

around North America indicate an extraordinary loss of small business, lower

overall employment and lower per acre tax revenue.


Our loss of these businesses reduces our quality of life and local culture. We know in the near

future, also supported by the United Nations, that in order to reduce our carbon footprint, our

best hope for resiliency in times to come, is to have and access to locally grown, GMO-free,

organic and naturally-grown foods.


Can we really make a difference individually? Yes we can. Big box stores takes money out

of the community, but each local purchase at a small business or for a local farm keeps important

funds in our community and rejuvenates our local farmers and independent owners quality and way of

life and thus enriches our own lives as well.


Let's help each other be prosperous and healthy, making our community a shining example of

what we can accomplish. Together we can be the change we want to see.


LSL Media



Locals Supporting Locals




Welcome to The Heartbeat of the Okanagan!


We are a team of concerned citizens providing an independent media source bringing

alternative news that affect our communities, and support for local business and farms

through our video production. (visit LSL articles for more news)


Please visit our page link or on youtube(linked) channel to see some of our previous community videos.


Together we can stop disintegrating democracy at all levels of government and work together

to displace corruption and greed to replace it with accountability, transparency and honesty.


Locals Supporting Locals (LSL) endeavors to keep everyone up to date in our community on

local issues so we can make informed decisions.


Please feel free to contact us if you know or are affected by, or want to report

injustice taking place in our community.


As well, we always recommend people do their own research. We do our best to present

what we feel are important issues and problems, but we don't have the answers to everything.


" The people united can never be defeated "

~Frederic Rzewski~

LSL Articles



Locals Supporting Locals







As part of our media program, we endeavor to provide up-to-date information about

issues that directly and indirectly affect our community.

World News



Locals Supporting Locals

World News




News is really community news. In every international story there is an element

that directly or indirectly affects our own community. Information is knowledge, knowledge

is power. We hope to empower our community citizens to affect positive change.


We always recommend people do their own research as well. We don't have the answers to

everything and information presented is based on our best efforts.


LSL Health



Locals Supporting Locals





Health and wellness are largely an individual choice, except that so

much that can help us is hidden. We attempt to raise awareness

and more importantly bring solutions from many alternative sources.


Look for our "Did you know?" healthy fun facts.


At the end of the day everyone has to do their own research and

decide for themselves what is right for their own body.



Local Events!



Locals Supporting Locals







Check for most local events going on in and around our Okanagan. If you have an event

by all means send it to us and we will do our best to help promote it!

Local Directory



Locals Supporting Locals



Welcome to the Local Business Directory



Our mission is to provide a local directory for local business, we have set up

guidelines to what businesses are allowed to be listed in this directory.


Our Guidelines are as follows


Local business & locally owned

Resident of the Okanagan Region

Be in good standing with the community

Practice good business ethics

Employ locally


If you meet the guidelines above, we would be happy to work with you!


We also offer eCoupons, Website design & Graphic Arts!


All Google coding included, search engine optimization!


Reward points for both Customer and Retailer!



By supporting us, we can return the support to the community with

Locals Supporting Locals


Local Coupons



Locals Supporting Locals




Welcome to the Local Coupon Directory



Our mission is to provide a central hub for local coupons!



This makes is easy for both the Customer and Business to keep current!



The power of technology allows us to make changes within 24 hours

from a request to the website!



Going eCoupon saves the environment, No more paper!

Customers only print and use the coupons they want!



Supporting our local business and local residents with local saving!



By supporting us, we can return the support to the community with

Locals Supporting Locals

Rock'N it Locals



Locals Supporting Locals

Rock'N it Locals




Welcome to a new feature to LSL


We are about promoting everything local in our Okanagan! Please Join, share & like us

on Facebook page to stay up date for Festivals & Events happening in our Okanagan.


Everyone is welcome to post their Festival & Events as well rallies, protests, supportive

community endeavors. Expect to see us filming events and doing interviews!


Let us know about your event, business, restaurant

and we will try our best to get out to support. .


As well Rock 'N' it, LSL promotions helps to organize and set up

events from start to finish. If you need bands to play for

bars or private events, we can help you.

Jobs Okanagan



Locals Supporting Locals

Jobs Okanagan






Like our Facebook page"Jobs Okanagan" free of charge to business ads to promote

work in our community. At this time this page is only connected to FB.


Local Gifting



Locals Supporting Locals




Coming soon! Our new Locals Gifting Locals page.




Our goal is create a network of locals that have stuff they no

longer want but wish to give away freely and connect

them directly with those looking.



Our goal is simple. We have too much waste in our

landfills and in our society generally.


Feel free to contact us directly if you have idea's

(contact at bottom of page)


Locals Supporting Locals


It just makes Cents!

Local 2017 Calendar



Locals Supporting Locals

2017 Calendar



LSL is now starting to put together our

2017 Locals Supporting Locals Calendar


Our 2016 calendar is still available, but rapidly selling out, and contains lots of

summer events, farm market days as well as money saving coupons on the back of

the calendar. It can be viewed by scrolling to bottom of our page and clicking on link to

view it online and by all means feel free to contact us directly to find out where to pick

one up or have it delivered right to you.


Call 250.770.9789  or  email contact@localssupportinglocals.com



Sponsor spots in our upcoming 2017 calendar are being filled now. Please just click on

the LSL 2017 Calendar link in our banner to get details & information

on how to be a part of it. Welcome aboard!

2016 Calendar
Contact Us Local 2016 Calendar Get Yours Now
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